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MINDSET is a fast growing consultancy working hand in hand with business owners to provide a complete solution for its clients. Results focused with a holistic approach and our expertise all ensure that we deliver management consultancy that makes a real difference to the performance of your business and your people.

In 2014, Mindset introduced Slovakia to the Arab world and was able to set up a a place for Arab investors in Slovakia and neighboring European countries.

Mindset provides investment and residence solutions for Arab investors in 11 European countries, some of these countries are:

As well as investment and residence services in 4 Arab countries:

And in 3 Asian countries:

The areas of automation and technology were added in 2015, tourism in 2016, education and research centers in 2017.

The company has stakes as a shareholder in other companies such as:

MindSet-IT 65%
Manassa Media 51%
Exsac 51%
Bridge Holding 50%
MindSet India 51%
MindSet Egypt 100%


Our Vision
We aim to be one-stop choice for business men, entrepreneurs, and young students worldwide for relocation, business development and representation, training as a trip, post-secondary education and their utmost reliable gateway overseas.

Our Mission
We are committed and dedicated to not only offer our unique services, but to deliver with a pristine, unparalleled, and professional customer service.   
Our expertise ensures that we deliver consulting services that make a real difference to business performance.
The diversification in our services and mix of different cultures through our offices worldwide will aid our clients be more professional, and exceed their business goals.

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