If you want to know more about exploration tourism, entertainment tourism, medical tourism and travel abroad here are some information.
CampSurfing is made for surfing travel fun to young people. We do different types of trips and camps around Europe and the world involving a lot of adventure, fun, sport, team spirit and skills development.
Going abroad and traveling to Europe is one of the most important things that have a positive impact on the person, where it saves him from worries, boredom, and pressures of life, and makes him feel happy.
People walk from place to place to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the sea, the lakes, gardens and others.
And this can improve there mood and mental state, where the joy enters there hearts, and become full of vitality, and feel relax with the beautiful landscape, and start to think positively.

Mindset offers several types of flights



(Recreational tourism – exploratory tourism – medical tourism)



Entertainment tourism trips

Is the travel abroad to see new destinations for entertainment or for relaxation and Mindset provides tours in Europe and India.



Medical tourism trips

Is a travel abroad for the treatment and healing in health resorts and Mindset provides Medical tourism trips in Europe and India.

Piestany is the biggest and best known spa town in the western part of Slovakia

Health Spa Piešťany is proud to have been providing effective treatments for rheumatism and other conditions of the musculo skeletal and nervous system for over 100 years!

Spa therapies based on the natural healing effects of its own thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud.

Experienced doctors design individually tailored programs, combining active and passive treatments such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, physiotherapy in water, nordic walking or individual therapeutic exercises with physiotherapists.

Regular control by nutritional assistants and doctors for prompt balanced nutrition course or special dietary programs.

Health Spa Piešťany Inc. is certificated according EuropespaMed and DHSR Thermia Palace/Irma Health Spa also according TÜV Rheinland.

For more information about Piestany spa download price list in PDF format.

Exploration tourism trips

Is to travel to Europe to attend and participate in exhibitions and meetings regarding exploring business.

Many countries have been interested in developing these trips by developing and marketing for it.

Contribute to the development and trade of peoples, countries and cities, they play an important economic and political role in supporting the local economy, and introducing there products and the state industry and promotions, in addition to its role in the development of the tourism sector and the definition of countries.

At the end of the trip, Mindset provides you with the requirements to invest, establish your business and stay in the country you visited.

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