Business Residence – Slovakia

If you want to know more about investment in Slovakia, residence in Slovakia, create company in Slovakia, investment and residence in Slovakia together and investment abroad, here are some information.

Investment and residence in Slovakia

The Slovak economy has become more thriving now, create company in Slovakia now is the first step to be a businessman.

Slovak economy is a high-income country with the highest GDP growth rates in the European Union.

Which makes investment abroad and specially  investment in Slovakia is demanded for who wants to create company in Slovakia.

Investment in Slovakia is considered as a powerful magnet for businessmen.

That’s why Slovakia is called “the tatra tiger”.

High incomes have led to increase investment in Slovakia, that’s why it prompted entrepreneurs and foreign businessmen to create company in Slovakia, residence in Slovakia and establish investment in Slovakia and obtain residence in Europe through investment.

Download the investment in Slovakia and residence in Slovakia Guide PDF format.

You will know that Slovakia has become a member of the European Union since 2004 and has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

And the euro was adopted in 2009, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and also Bratislava is the largest financial center in Slovakia, it is one of the reasons why investment in Slovakia are the easiest.

As you can see Slovakia provides many facilities for those who want to invest in Slovakia.

Law for investment in Slovakia and residence in Slovakia

The law for investment in Slovakia clarifies the conditions for a foreign manager to be granted residence in Slovakia by means of investment in Slovakia and create company in Slovakia.

Determines that there is an appropriate balance and that the foreign manager’s criminal record is free from any charges.

The Investment and residence in Slovakia also allows family members for residence in Slovakia

Since Slovakia is within the European Union therefore education and health are guaranteed by the state to all children and minors.

Slovakia and the European Union

Residence in Slovakia as a country of the Schengen countries, allows Resident holder to travel between the Schengen countries freely and comfortably.

As the official currency is the euro, it allows investors, entrepreneurs and companies to deal Internationally more easier than any other country.

You can obtain an Investor’s residence in Slovakia as the following:


  • 6-8 months


  • 4000-6000 Euro for the investor
  • 400€ per family member

Minimum investment:

  • 4000 euros for individual enterprises
  • € 20000 for limited liability companies
  • Percentage of rejection: 3%

Download the investment in Slovakia and residence in Slovakia Guide PDF format to see the following points:

  • Slovak Republic
  • Date
  • EU
  • Euro zone
  • Geography
  • Political system
  • Economy
  • Why Slovakia?
  • Top 10 reasons to invest in Slovakia
  • Location and transportation
  • Bilateral relations with border countries
  • Living standards
  • Cost of living and salaries
  • Taxes
  • Investment examples and incentives
  • Incentives
  • Company registration
  • Registration for Business
  • Payments overview
  • Business Exploration Tour
  • Why Mindset?

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