Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Investment and Residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia is a tourist, agricultural and industrial country, making investment in Bosnia a magnet for businessmen.

In addition, the cost of living in Bosnia is very low compared to neighboring countries.

Muslims in Bosnia are very high compared to other religions.

Residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be acquired by establishing companies.

The procedures for establishing companies are easy and easy.

Finally, Bosnia has applied for membership in the European Union and is expected to join the European Union in the next few years.

Location of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia is located in the southern part of the European continent. It is one of the Balkan countries.

Bosnia location shares Croatia with its southern, northern and western sides, while Montenegro border the south and Serbia is in the east.

The length of Bosnia’s coast on the Adriatic coast is 26 kilometers long.

Bosnia is a confluence of two regions with somewhat ambiguous borders: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia is in the northern part of the country, and Herzegovina is in the south of the country where it is good place to create company in Bosnia.

Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Investment in Bosnia: Bosnia has many natural resources in its territory and has led to its remarkable economic growth.

It contains large reserves of iron and coal, which has contributed to the development of both the mining and coal-based sectors in support of many public fields.

Conditions for create company, investment and residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Getting investment residence in Bosnia under the following conditions:

3-4 months

3000 EUR per investor

Minimum Investment:
500 EUR for Limited Liability Company

Percentage of Refusal:

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