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Start your own business in Europe!

Invest in Europe:
Investment in Europe is now the most successful work market that you can start at and make your dream become a reality. Where the Slovak economy is a high-income country with the highest GDP growth rates in the European Union. Investing in Europe is a great way to ensure a better future for you and your family, based on the investment plan that was made in Europe for all investors starting year 2018 to 2022.
we have consultants in all three continents, so we can help you start your own business and make sure you get the residence permit as well.

We will guide you all the way through:
– Residence permit for all shareholders of the company.
– Residence permit for all family members.
– Hire qualified employees for your business.
– Real estates research.
– Assist in finding schools for your kids.

Limited Liability Company Program

Through this service, foreign investors and businessmen are able to establish their company (limited liability company) in Slovak republic upon which the managing directors are able to apply for temporary residence permit for business purposes in Slovakia. Through an LLC in Slovak republic, you can easily start your international business and export/import your goods and services throughout the world.

Our goal is to provide complex professional assistance and individual solution design to our qualified clientele.

You have 2 possibilities for establishment of your business in Slovakia:

a) Establish your Limited Liability Company with local managing director: You will act as a founder and shareholder in your company, however you´ll have a local managing director (statutory authority) who will be entitled to act on behalf of your company.

The local managing director can be any person over 18 y.o. with valid residence in any of the EU member countries and with clear Criminal records.

b) Manage your company on your own: You will act as a founder, shareholder and managing director for your company. This process is divided into 2 interconnected phases as follows:

Residence permit application: We are able to establish your company and prepare all your documents for residence permit application within 3 months since starting your case.

Business StartUp: We will start to work on activating your business since the very beginning of the process and continue during the waiting period until your residence permit is approved (waiting period for RP approval is min. 3 months since application).

Our clients’ reviews:

Prices of Limited Liability Company Creation:

Entrepreneurship program

This option is more suitable for small businesses. Through this service, foreign investor and businessman is able to issue an entrepreneurship license (trade license) in Slovak republic upon which he is able to apply for temporary residence permit for business purposes in Slovakia.Using your Slovak trade license, you may start your small business easily and in short period of time. Export & import of goods and services throughout the world is possible as well.Our goal is to provide complex professional assistance and individual solution design to our qualified clientele.
With our support, you are able to apply for your business residence permit within 3 months and by the time your residence permit is approved (within min. 3 months), we will assist you will be able to activate your business.

Business residence permit

If you wish to manage your business in Slovakia personally, you are obliged to get at least temporary residence permit for business purposegranted by Slovak republic.
You may apply for your residence permit at Slovak embassy covering country of your residence as well as directly at foreign police department in Slovakia if you are a holder of valid National Visa (D) from Slovak republic.
We´re able to assist you throughout the whole process or just check the documents prepared by you; it all depends on your choice.

Download the investment in Slovakia and residence in Slovakia Guide PDF format to see the following points:

  • Slovak Republic
  • Date
  • EU
  • Euro zone
  • Geography
  • Political system
  • Economy
  • Why Slovakia?
  • Top 10 reasons to invest in Slovakia
  • Location and transportation
  • Bilateral relations with border countries
  • Living standards
  • Cost of living and salaries
  • Taxes
  • Investment examples and incentives
  • Incentives
  • Company registration
  • Registration for Business
  • Payments overview
  • Business Exploration Tour
  • Why Mindset?

Business Residence Report for 2017
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