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Investment in India:

India’s economy has recently become one of the strongest economies in the world, making investment opportunities in India more and India a magnet for businessmen.
The Indian government has provided all the convenience to the foreign investor, as it has become easy to invest in India and establish a company.
Purchasing power in India has become very high.
India has many religions and nationalities. The cost of living in India is very low compared to neighboring countries.
India is also a tourist country that receives millions of tourists annually.
Information technology is the main field of the modern Indian economy, and is the fastest growing sector, generating about $30 billion a year (according to latest statistics).
The Indian economy ranks tenth in the world in terms of currency exchange and the third in terms of purchasing power parity.

Investment and residence in India and create company in India

Reasons for investors to invest in India:

  • Availability of jobs.
  • Growing market size.
  • Fastest growing economies.
  • Ability to overcome adversity.
  • Higher national product.

Location of India:

The Republic of India is located in the South of Asia.
Consisting of twenty-eight states and seven federal regions, with a democratic parliamentary system.
India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area, with an area of ​​approximately 3 million km².
Sharing borders with China, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere.
India has witnessed a major economic development in recent times, encouraging businessmen to invest and stay in India and create company in India.

Get your stay in India with the following:

2 months

starting from 3000 EUR per investor

Minimum Investment:
1400 EUR for Private or Limited Liability Company

Percentage of Refusal:

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