Investment in Egypt

If you want to know more about investing in Egypt and creating companies in Egypt here are some information.

Investing in Egypt

Incorporation of company into Commercial Register in Egypt takes approximately 1-7 days after all the required documents are issued, and after the security department query which takes 1-3 months. Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, the Egyptian Pharaonic civilization, officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, with a land area of ​​1.002 million km². Its capital is the city of Cairo, which is one of the largest cities and the most crowded in the population. The population of Egypt is about 90 million people, according to the statistics of 2015 AD, and most of the population is concentrated around the Nile River, and speak the Arabic language, which is the official language in the country, most of the population is Muslim, along with Christianity. Egypt’s great history encouraged businessmen to invest and residence in Egypt.

Location of Egypt

Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of the continent of Africa, and has an Asian extension. Sinai Peninsula is located within the continent of Asia is a transcontinental state. It is located between the latitudes of 22 ° and 36 ° 31 ° N and between 24 ° and 37 ° east of Greenwich. Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea with a coast of 995 km. It is bordered by the Red Sea on the east coast of a length of 1941 km. It is bordered in the north-east by the area of ​​Palestine with a length of 265 km. It is bordered on the west by Libya along a length of 1115 km. It is also bordered by Sudan for a length of 1280 km. The area of ​​the Arab Republic of Egypt is about 1.002.000 square kilometers and the inhabited area is 78990 km 2 with 7.8% of the total area. Egypt’s distinguished location is also encouraging businessmen to invest in Egypt and create companies in Egypt.

Services provided by Mindset

  • Legal services (establishment and registration of the company in the commercial register and taxes
  • Accounting Services
  • Consultations necessary to determine the type of company and the value of its capital and the formation of management, members and managing it
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  • Help you find the right furniture for your company
  • Providing necessary tools and manpower
  • Ability to monitor company performance
  • Provide the necessary advice to operate your company as best as possible