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Information Technology

Is a generic term used to denote a set of applications based on a computer system. This type of technology can be used to communicate and retrieve information from other digital activities. Examples include e-mail, chat rooms, the Web, home computers, laptops, cameras, and digital scanning machines.

The importance of information technology

The digital revolution has affected human life in a way that can not be overlooked and sometimes difficult to cope with.

It has dominated the social, economic and cultural life, and economic development is largely linked to the ability of states to cope with this rapid development.

Before we address the importance of information technology, we need to clarify the nature of this technology, although it is difficult to define the appropriate definition of it.

The majority agreed that it is the huge explosion of knowledge, which are all types of technology used in the operation and transfer and storage of information in electronic form , Including automated account technologies, communications and networking and other equipment that are heavily used in communications.

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