Business Representation

What are we offering?

We are offering the key inside sales services that would help you reach the markets you are aiming towards. Our services cover your sales needs from the lead generation stage until the deal is signed with your new client and your product/service is sold. We also help you maintain your current client base through our renewals representatives.

Start your export business now starting from
927 Euro.

Who are you?

  • A business that is looking to expand beyond your current boarders and looking to move fast. You are sure of your product or service and think it has the potential to further grow.
  • An emerging business that does not have the internal expertise or “band-width” to build a full functioning inside sales organization from the ground up.
  • An established business that is looking to maintain its current customer base while trying to up-sell and cross-sell to them.
  • An innovative company that is having a dynamic portfolio of products; new product development can cause major shifts in focus and priorities overnight and you are looking for an agile sales team that can move with your portfolio flexibly with the minimum cost and time needed.

Who are we?

  • We are your reliable partner that would open for you doors to expand your business beyond your borders. We have 5 years of international experience in business consultations and we believe that along with our vision, business ethics, dynamic teams and international business knowledge, we are fully capable of offering you the best solutions to reach your potential.

What are we offering?

Inside sales representatives

Start selling now in Europe markets from our main offices located in Europe.
Starting from 927 euro.
  • Save 40-90% of the sales budget.
  • Increase Sales by reaching more potential clients.
  • Increase your sales team productivity by being more focused.
  • Scale up and down your sales team flexibly according to your need.

Import/Export representative

Hire your sales or
procurement representative abroad in
simple steps.
Starting from 1500 euro.
  • Cover new territories without having an office.
  • Reach your customers and suppliers easily.
  • focus on your business goals without being burdened by the management of your representative.
  • build stronger relationships and explore new territories for your business.

Hiring from

A full hiring service for talents from territories where you would like to expand your business.
Starting from 500 euro.
  • Consultation to tailor the job description that would fit to the market where you would like to expand.
  • Creating a job ad that would attract the right talents.
  • Filtering, interviewing and recommending the best talents.
  • managing the contract signing and the hiring process.

Why to choose our service

Cost saving

You are cutting the cost of finding, hiring and training employees by simply outsourcing your inside sales to us! In addition, According to the Harvard Business Review, inside sales costs 40-90% less to bring in new customers than field sales. When traveling to meet customers you have to pay for transportation, meals and sometimes hotels, which can add up quickly! Inside sales eliminates these costs, while still driving the sales your company desires.

Inside sales reps are able to tap into areas where normal sellers aren’t able to reach. Among these areas are digital sales and marketing; early results of some inside sales departments have shown a 55% increase in Twitter followers and a significant increase in the number of high-quality inbound leads.


While on average your field seller can reach 3-7 clients a day, an inside sales rep can reach up to 30 clients a day in a variety of locations. That huge 900% increase ultimately results in higher sales and ROI for your business.

Expertise and access

Highly experienced specialists that are able to coach your resources. Our offices are in different locations which offer you a localized market knowledge.


your inside seller is ready from the moment you sign the contract. There will be no need to go through the hiring cycle that could take up to 3 months, our team is ready to start reaching out to your potential customers from the moment you choose us as your partners. We train our people and our market insight and our database help us to penetrate market fast and efficiently.


An outsourced inside sales partner can scale up or down more easily with less expense and disruption to the business than an internal team, they can be flexible and creative in making adjustments to the approach or offering to meet changing business circumstances