Study in Slovakia & Czech Republic

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Study in Slovakia and Czech Republic

You can now study abroad, especially studying in Slovakia and Czech and learning the conditions of study abroad.

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Annual Tuition Fees for studying in Slovakia
Program Name Kramare Comenius Kosice Olomuc STU EUBA Brno
Medicine 9000 EUR 10000 EUR 10500 EUR 11500 EUR NA NA NA
Pharmacy NA 7500 EUR NA NA NA NA NA
Engineering NA NA NA NA 3500-4500 EUR NA NA
Dentistry NA 10000 EUR 11000 EUR 12000 EUR NA NA NA
Veterinary Pharmacy  NA  NA NA  NA  NA  NA 7800 EUR


General information about studying abroad

Studying abroad gives you the unofficial license for tourism in the country that you which to study at.
Every weekend you can spend it in a different new place, in addition that you can enjoy all Europe if you wish.
Discover unlimited cultures, tourism and humanitarian experiences throughout your study period.
Travel opens your perception and vision of life, and different cultures.
Making the experience you get from traveling rich and distinctive experience that you will never forget.
There are so many other benefits to you from studying abroad.
And gives you social and interactive features that are difficult to obtain during your studies in your country.
But not only on the personal aspects, but extends to include new learning experiences and completely different in the tools and ideas about the school system in your country, and it will help you on the professional level too.
Every lecture, lesson, practical application or workshop at international universities will have a great impact on your educational understanding and achievement.
If you want to go through this interesting experience that will change many of the concepts of your life and culture to the best without a doubt.
Take the step, and start preparing yourself to have this fun experience.